Wondering which one is the best mobile application development company in India? To help you in your research we compiled here leading app developer companies and the future technologies, enterprise network & security used

The mobile market is growing in fast space and most important facts for the users are the usability and functionality of the iOS application. If the users are not comfortable and convenient working with the App, they will immediately uninstall and download a similar app which is more users friendly. A study done by Forbes highlights that nearly 270 billion applications will be downloaded by users in the coming years.

Smartphone users exclusively spent time on apps. So, all the Top App Development software companies are focusing in increasing the usability of their apps. To pick the best company for your exact need conduct your own analysis, as some developers could be best in designing B2B App, some are good in gaming apps. So to discover which firm is best for you let us know about different types of mobile app.

A Bit More About Mobile App Development

To enhance the existing functionality in much user friendly way, mobile apps are developed. Basically, whenever we are talking about mobile app, we indicate the programs running in our smart phones. Mobile apps make our life easy from chatting with friends and families; buy groceries, daily essentials to checking the breaking news.

This trend starts with the mobile version of the PC- based application but now rocket science bring the most sophisticated approaches specifically for the mobile environment. To fit the increasing demands of the users, developers are creating apps to make their lives easier and stay ahead in the tech curve as well as it is the easiest way to approach the top funnel of marketing.

Main types of iOS/ Android App


Lifestyle apps are the recent trends. People are getting concern about fitness, look, diet, health but the graph of time for spending on those are going down. All are in a need of instant way out. So here comes the creation of apps related to

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Dating
  • Music

The main idea behind creation these ios app development is creating something without which users just can’t live. These types of apps is used on a daily basis, every time when type apps are launching in the market it left a wow effect on its users’ face.

Some examples of Lifestyle apps are:
  • UrbanClap
  • Wynk
  • Uber
  • Make my Trip

Social Media

The next most famous one in the queue is Social media apps. They are connecting near and dears, making new relations, so continuously expanding the integration among technology with heart.

We are connecting, sharing our thoughts, day to day life events with our social friends, family, no need to meet face to face you can socially connected with them through those apps. So there is a trend of check-in to those apps every day by most of us.

They are also providing services like promoting your business or any services which ends in creating potential leads; some of them provide the functionality of share posts which will attract your targeted visitor to give a look on your post. It is easiest way to reach huge crowd.

Some common social media apps are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


The name itself says about the functionality of these Mobile Apps. We are so use-to with these types of apps that some we forget to consider them as app, and maximum time these apps come pre-installed on device. We used utility apps for short time but these are inevitable for us.

Some examples of common types of mobile apps in the utility category are:
  • Reminders
  • Calculator
  • Flashlight
  • Weather


Next most renowned App is the Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps. The gaming and entertainment apps have a captivating capability, bringing the customers back multiple times in a day. Makes the users addictive by offering some extra rewards like – life, coins, extra powers etc!

Some examples of game apps are:
  • Fishdom
  • Angry Birds
  • Temple run


But the incredible popularity is gain by the most boring apps – Productivity Apps. They gain a huge popularity among working class. To accomplish a task quickly, they are the only options for the smartphone users and becoming indispensible day by day. On customers’ demand more convenient features are adding and more apps are being developed by the creative minds.

Some examples of game apps are:
  • Evernote
  • Docs
  • Wallet/Pay
  • Sheets

News/Information Outlets

Check the breaking news of the day on a go – How? News and information Apps! These apps are directly supplying the information which the users are looking for.

Some examples of News/Information Outlets Apps:
  • Buzzfeed
  • Google News & Weather
  • Flipboard
  • Smartnews
  • Yahoo News Digest
  • Feedly

That’s it from the types of Mobile app. Now you are nearly ready to continue with your hunt of best Mobile Application Development Company in India. Hopefully, this has helped you to determine the category your app fits, your next step will be choosing the best company. Before that here we spread some light over best platform for building mobile apps. Idea about platforms will help you in future to improve the user experience.

Here we go!

To manage your mobile application, you just need to invest a bit of time and zeal to learn. To support websites now every business wants an app. Best Mobile app development platforms are giving below:


To create apps for Android and iOS, Appery is the most popular mobile app development tool. This platform is accelerating the mobile app innovation with integrated backend service and visual development tool.


Most popular App development kit allows providing app to meet the requirements. Best considered platform for designing app for replacing ageing intranet with mobile first app. It helps to reach the people really easily.


Create your basic app without coding, required developer for the advanced version of the product.

These are the most popular and best platform for building mobile apps, you can easily create your basic app using these apps and for the advanced version only you need App developers. You can start creating your app using these tools or you can approach to the best mobile application design company.

The next step is the trending technology used in mobile apps. To have a proper functioning app, mobile application development industry has advanced a lot. So before developing the apps you should be aware about the technologies and choose smartly for your app.

Latest Mobile Application Development Technologies

Beacon Technology:

The App can identify the exact location of the user if Beacon Technology is used. A security update for the Beacon format is released by Google recently. To identify the phones & tablets, Ephemeral Ids (EID) is used. Beacon technology can bridge IoT to the Cloud and this concept can revolutionize the mobile app industry.

Swift Programming Language:

Apple Inc developed Swift for iOS, OS X, WatchOS, tvOS, Linux, etc, it is an open source language. The major benefit enjoyed by the users is low cost and low maintenance requirements.

Cloud-driven Technology

Recent trend is solving issues simply by doing smart work, incorporating cloud computing is one of them. It is transforming the business models and industries. Google is also launching new updates and features of cloud.

jQuery Mobile

To make responsive apps which is accessible on all types of platform is designed by the jQuery Mobile. To improve user interfaces scripting tools are combining with jQuery. The-M-Project, Mobi and jQTouch – are the other libraries on which mobile web development relies heavily.

Before developing your mobile app it will be a good idea if go through all the points mentioned above. And if you are partnering with a brand like – “Great Logics” they will follow all this by default. To take your business to the next level shakes your hand with the proficient developers and industry leaders.

Last but the most important – Best Mobile Application Development Company In India

On the verge of sparking an uncommon tech war, these new-generation technologies are unarguably. Mobile app technology has gone far beyond initial imaginations. Currently, developers are building highly efficient, productive applications. And in this ground Greatlogics proves itself as the tycoon among the top app development software company.

Great Logics conclave enterprise application development, latest technology to increase the user satisfaction, and heading towards creating a steady base of regular users. Always believes in a level up for any industry in customer engagement task. Great logics serves different sectors of industries domain such as yellow pages, classified, marketplace projects inventory etc.

We are known for our ethics that helps to gain the trust of the clients across the globe. Bringing revolution is the only motto behind becoming a brand. So you can contact us for your next application development project.

Our Mobile App Development Process:

Analysis of Requirements
  • Know our client
  • Comprehending requirement
  • Blueprint
  • Framing
  • Designing the app
  • Coding
  • Layout
  • Client’s feedback
  • Checking for 100% bug-free
  • Final approval from client
  • App stores
  • Client’s server
  • App available for users

Benefits You Will Get:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Experienced Team – Having expertise in different domains of the industry
  • Save Upto 60% On Development
  • Regular Communication Through voice calls email, and chats
  • Trust Of A Brand
  • Agile/DevOps Process For Faster Delivery

Wrap Up

Feel free to check out, if both parties decide it’s a fit then only we start works, there is no obligation for consultation. If you have any queries, we are here to listen. Hope the above pitch helps to get started with app development. To an app’s successful monetization, the vital score is establishing an alluring platform for regular users.

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