Outsourcing starts its very being with a fairly negative connotation and in a very unfavorable position. Now there has been a major shift in the way people think about outsourcing. In the last 5-6 years, it has become a necessity. Valuable space and time are freed up by outsourcing for the companies to focus on core areas.

So, how can you define the best IT training and outsourcing company?

First and the most important criteria is the worldwide presence. In a seriously globalized market, the outsourcing company should help their clients to utilize every available resource.

Second, to fit a business’s most specialized needs, the company must offer a certain level of training with operation expertise knowledge. The candidates should be a quantifiable key performer; they have the talent to prove them in day-to-day operations. They have to show the areas where improvements can be made, as purchasing managers love benchmarks and statistics.

Last but not least, there should be a mutual benefit. To doing business together, both sides must reap the mutual benefit in a certain trade-off, and then only the relationship grows.

Before choosing who is best let’s see what Outsourcing is.

What is Outsourcing? What is it mean for Companies?

The practice of obtaining goods and services from a foreign supplier is the main gist of outsourcing in simple words. This is most commonly used in the IT industries especially for the software developers or designers positions. As in particular locations either the cost of the recruiting for these positions are too high or there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Today we see companies using it for non-fundamental roles, but outsourcing can be used for any positions, to provide aid in day-to-day operations of the company or can support the central infrastructure.

With the rise of the technology sector and the startup ecosystem, the supply of skilled workers is not enough to meet the demand, so to acquire and retain the development of the teams, outsourcing become the only window of opportunity for companies

Let’s check the thorough breakdown of the reasons as to why people outsource:
  • Marketing time reduces to — 9%
  • Availability of management expertise increases (internally which is not available) — 15%
  • Catalyzing the project completion— 15%
  • Transforming the companies increases— 22%
  • Improve focus on customer/business — 28%
  • Free up internal resources — 31%
  • Availability of IT resources increases — 34%
  • Reduces costs — 44%

How to pick the best outsourcing supplier?

Your next step will be to pick the right outsourcing supplier. Let’s check how.

Extensive manufacturing experience is the first thing to look to select the right supplier. And to better pinpoint opportunities for optimization, the supplier must have to understand how entire supply chains work.

We recommend that you should choose that supplier who can do both – cutting the cycle time and also reduces the cost. We can proudly approach you that choose us as we could successfully meet much shorter cycle-time targets than its existing one. You need a supplier with breadth, depth, and innovative manufacturing-based capabilities, and we can support you in that by supplying talented and trained resources.

Before you select us for your resource supplier, check this section – how we work and what are the benefits our trainees are enjoying and what type of risk we are taking.

So who does “Outsourcing” the best?

Just stop here and have a look at Great logics, if you are looking for IT outsourcing firms. With constantly evolving business trends and technologies, Great logics will help you in maintaining a quick pace. We understand that hiring an outsourcing company is a crucial task, so you can check our renowned clients. We are well aware of the fact that your business output is totally dependent on the outsourcing company.

The parameters which are crucial for choosing the Best IT Training and outsourcing company in India are –
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Capability to deliver multiple types of training services
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic Reach

The global outsourcing industry has come a long way from the era when to cut down on costs and focus on core business activities, companies started outsourcing offshore location.

The offshore outsourcing industry has grown tremendously, as with the advancement of the technologies, performing work from a remote location become much easier. Other than this the advantages of IT Outsourcing is well known. The basic advantages are:

  • Reduce dependence non-core and commoditized components,
  • Transformation of fixed costs to variable costs
  • Readily access industry best practices.

The overall gist is it will reduce the cost which leads you to focus on adding values to your business. After enjoying so many advantages, it is a riddle that why often companies end up being disappointed.

But Great Logics is happy with whatever we are doing. Let’s get to know our workflow:

  • Selection of right outsourcing partners, we spend substantial time and money on this part
  • Discuss with advisory consultants
  • Identify potential suppliers
  • Handle all the RFIs and RFPs
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Visiting supplier premises,
  • Finalize the contracts
  • Bring the resources to our campus
  • Train them
  • Provide them stipend
  • Handle all the procedure to handle their placements in the location of our outsourcing partner.

How Great logics work?

We are bridging the gap between the skilled job aspirants and genuine recruiters. We first hire the trainees, trained them in the real time scenario, so that they can handle the projects in the employer’s company. We are bringing the best resources for employers who are having difficulty in finding qualified employees.

Great Logics as a best IT Training and outsourcing company in India always try to make the hiring process convenient for both the side. We have a picked up trainees with a variety of skills and nourished them to become the master of their art. We are offering training in the latest technologies such as PHP, Java, .NET, JAVA & Android, Big Data tools, BI tools, Cloud and Sales force, to make the resources suitable for our clients.

Function for Businesses / employers/ Great Logics’s clients

Usually, the client only has to specify the number of workers needed the time period they are needed for and an hourly rate, which can be negotiated. To analyze their requirements and define strategic profiles to fill the desired positions, we work closely with clients. So the employers have to open up with us regarding their requirements, then only we provide the best suitable resources for them. To fill your critical positions as soon as possible our large pool of qualified, screened talent is constantly extending, so trust us to get the best possible service. To ensure that we are the value-added partner you are looking for we look for cost-effective staffing too.

Function for Employees/ Trainees

To find an appropriate job, most of the employees or the trainees, job aspirants come to us. From the trainees’ side, they just have to come to sign up with us, rest is assured. We will verify your qualifications and skills, assign training after reviewing those, gives you the real-time experience of handling project in a tough deadline environment, makes you ready for the future, and select the best employer for you who needs your experience and skill.


From the employers’ side hiring from outsourcing is much safer and cost-effective, as they are getting trained resources, an exact match for their requirements and can easily cut the hassle of shortlisting as we are working closely with them to understand their need and supply exactly what they need.

On the other side of the coin, trainees get the opportunity to craft their skills in a different environment and get a chance in their dream companies easily, no need to face a large queue for the interview.

Kind of services we are providing:

We offer a wide range of employment-related services, including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing and outplacement, and human resources consulting, and as well as training of the resources.

The three major kinds of services or the types of jobs provided by us are:

  • Temporary: It is of project-based requirements; you will typically know the start and end date of your assignment. This probably isn't the kind of job for you, if you're looking for a steady routine.
  • Temporary-to-permanent (temp-to-perm): A way to gauge the resources. Maximum employers want to go for this type of recruitment as in this they get to know the ability of the resources on a regular full –time basis.
  • Permanent (direct hire): In this case, Great Logics will act as a recruiter by screening and hiring candidates for regular positions. The employer will just hire the resources depending on our reviews.

This makes Great Logics the best IT training and Outsourcing Company in India. Hope you can also reap the benefit from our services.


In conclusion, outsourcing can be a very helpful strategy for a company’s profit margins and for productivity purposes; we’ll explore more about those training and outsourcing process in our next piece. Stay with us to get updated in this digital world.